In 2013, Michigan Peace Team will be expanding, and taking on a new name: META PEACE TEAM.  “Meta” comes from the Greek, meaning beyond….and we are moving beyond our self-imposed barriers…

  • …beyond the borders of Michigan, and the United States, to the world
  • …beyond racism, sexism, homophobism
  • …beyond hate and fear and violence

…and To a new world, grounded in peace with justice.  Join us.


About Meta Peace Team

Meta Peace Team pursues peace through active nonviolence in places of conflict. We seek a just world grounded in nonviolence and respect for the sacred interconnectedness of all life. Our Goals: - Educating the public to the vision and practice of active nonviolence, particularly as it relates to nonviolent conflict intervention - Providing training in active nonviolence designed for the specific needs of the participants - Recruiting, training, and placing Peace Teams both domestically and internationally - Cooperating, supporting, and participating with local peace and justice groups, particularly as it relates to our mission

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